Dicetober 2021 was a challenge where every other day of October, I made a different set of dice based on a spooky prompt. These sets are one of a kind, and I will not be making them again.


When I saw the 8th Dicetober prompt, Omen, my very first thought was of my new favorite show, Good Omens. Maybe you've seen it. I absolutely love the show and the two main characters, the demon Crawley and the angel Aziraphale. So I decided to make angel and demon dice. The d20 includes the red and black of the demon dice with the sparkliness of the angel ones, because we all know they've got a little bit of the dark and light side in both of them.


This is a full set of seven Jumbo-sized TTRPG dice. Each set includes the following dice: d20, d12, d10, d8, d6, d4 and d%.


Flaws: There are a two or three faces where the numbers are a tad too close to the surface, and so the paint is a little thin. Also, the d10 and d% have a tiny bit of green on the 1 faces. Darn contamination. There is also a small bit of the 10 face on the d% missing because it used to have a hole in it. No defects will effect the rolling.

Buy these as a gift for the dice goblin in your life. They'll be sure to thank you.

Dicetober 2021 Specials: Omen