You are hereby invited to a party in the Halls of Dionysus. There's wine flowing from the center of the room from a fountain. The grand ballroom is resplendent in gold and purple decorations. And the man of the palace beckons you to stay a while, drink your fill...


This gorgeous, swirly set is perfect for a character with a noble background, or perhaps, for one with royal aspirations.


This is a full set of dice. Each TTRPG set includes the following dice: d20, d12, d10, d8, d6, d4 and d%. 6d6 sets include 6 pipped d6s. Future sets will not include the extra DANG d20.


Buy these as a gift for the dice goblin in your life. They'll be sure to thank you.


*This set is made to order*

"Dionysus' Riches" Full Dice Set