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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will it take for me to receive my dice once I order?

A: If you order a set that's in stock, it will be shipped within in a week. If you order a made-to-order set it could be up to a 1-3 months before they ship. This is because this is a one woman business, and the dicesmith can only make so many sets at a time. You'll be notified when your set has shipped, and after that, it's in the hands of the US Postal Service, and you can use the tracking number on your shipping notification to track it.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes! (Caveat: there are certain locations that are not accepting international shipments because of Covid restrictions. You can still order from us if you're in one of those places, but understand that we won't be able to ship until the restrictions lift.)

Q: Can you add objects to the dice for my commission?

A: It is very likely that we can. The dicesmith has a 3d printer, so she can make lots of what you'd like. She also has many small shells and flowers that she can add if you would like. It will increase the price of your set, of course.

Q: What are petri dice?

A: The petri method is a way of getting a drippy effect on the inside of dice. This effect can vary quite a bit from barely dripping halfway down the dice to dripping all the way to the high number side. The latter effect is very normal. If you do not want the petri effect to drip all the way through the dice, please let the dicesmith know, and she can work with you on that. Otherwise, understand that the petri effect may drip all the way through the dice.

Q: Are they balanced?

A: Short answer, yes.


Longer answer: If you're ordering a set that doesn't have inclusions in it, it's a solid chunk of resin that has made under high pressure, so there's no bubbles. Each side is the same shape. So it's going to be about as balanced as something this shape is going to be. For dice with inclusions, the things we use as inclusions are usually so lightweight, they won't make a difference in the balance. The only die we've ever made that had a noticeable balance issue is a sea shell d20 that I only sell as a necklace for that reason.


The truth is there's no such thing as totally "fair" dice unless they are Vegas dice, and even those are only used for a short period of time before they are chucked because the very act of rolling them will unbalance them. The way that handmade dicemakers make their dice by pressurizing to remove the bubbles is likely to make them a tad bit more on the fair side, because factory made dice (especially the opaque ones) can hide bubbles inside them.

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