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Have you ever wanted to roll out your shines like you're unveiling an ancient scroll? Well, we did, and that's why we created the dice scroll. It's a carrying case for your dice that'll make you feel like unrolling a treasure map that leads to unknown riches. In reality, the riches will be the feeling you get from seeing your fellow dice goblins' expression when you show this off.


This dice scroll carries 6 sets of regular-sized dice. We recommend you put in your more blunt-ended dice, like the d20 or d12, to avoid catching the material on the pokey bits. Technically, we did squeeze one of our jumbo sets inside, but it just barely fit.


This design is of limited quantity, and once they're gone, they aren't coming back. So order now, if you want one!


Custom orders available. Please fill out our commission form, if you're interested.

*Dice Not Included*

Dice Scroll - Blue Dragon

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